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Photo Credit Kristin Ruiz“Senate Recognizes National Donate Life Month and Passes Bills to Encourage More New Yorkers to Become Lifesaving Donors”

On April 11, 2016, the New York State Senate passed FIVE bills aimed at increasing eye, organ, and tissue donation. Thank you to senators, John J. Flanagan, Jeffery D. Klein, Kemp Hannon, David Carlucci, and Sue Serino for helping to pass this legislation.

From the New York State Senate press release-

The New York State Senate today recognized April as “National Donate Life” month, passing legislation and a resolution to encourage more New Yorkers to become organ and tissue donors. The bills focus on enhancing public awareness and increasing the number of New Yorkers who sign up to help save lives through organ, tissue, bone marrow, and blood donation.

To read the rest of the press release click HERE.

The following five bills  offer ways to help increase the number of New Yorkers who are registered in the New York State Donate Life Registry:

  1. Young Adult Enrollment (S.5313/A.4990-A) Hannon/Ortiz—Allows young adults aged 16 and older to enroll in the New York State Donate Life Registry.
  2. Health Insurance Exchange (S.6952-A/A.8594-A) Hannon/Gunther—Requires the donor designation question be included in all individual applications for health insurance coverage through the Health Insurance Exchange.
  3. Lauren’s Law Extension (S.6528/A.8661) Carlucci/Ortiz—Permanently extends Lauren’s Law, which requires DMV customers completing a driver’s license, license renewal and non-driver identification complete the donor designation section by marking either “yes” or “skip this question.”
  4. Organ, Tissue, Bone Marrow, and Blood Donation Content Included in High School Education Curriculum (S.7003/A.9665) Flanagan/Ortiz—This legislation is initiating the process to incorporate organ, tissue bone and blood donation content in public school curriculum.
  5. Human Organ Delivery Vehicle (A.9617/S.7013) Serino/Gunther—Designates the human organ transport vehicle as an emergency vehicle in New York State.

We are so proud to be a part of these advocacy efforts with the New York Alliance for Donation  and the many member organizations and volunteers from across the state helping to bring awareness to the importance of eye, organ, and tissue donation. The next step is to gain the support and commitment from the New York State Assembly to pass these bills.

Sign up to become a donor and you may someday improve the lives of others!



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